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Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Fundamental Precepts of Domestic & International Asset Protection

How Can You Benefit From Domestic & International Asset Protection?


The core fundamentals of domestic and international asset protection are well explained in these segmented video series to help you understand the variety of options and tools available to protect your domestic and international assets against creditors and their litigation attorneys by establishing your own decentralized Blockchain Trust.

Let’s take a look below on the fundamentals of asset protection.

1st Fundamental of Asset Protection


Own less assets, but be in control to reap its benefits.

You cannot give what you don't have, nor can anyone take what you don’t own from you.

It validates Nelson Rockefeller's wealth theory “The secret of success is to own nothing but control everything”. This lays the first foundation of asset protection; the need to have total control without owning the assets.

Come to think of it, who would be interested in a man with no assets to give? Who would want to file a lawsuit against someone who has no property or assets to gain from? Certainly nobody!

No Attorney would be interested in a futile lawsuit as it would be considered a total waste of time and money. The first fundamental is to get separated from your assets by transferring ownership into your own Blockchain Trust and remaining in control while you reap its benefits.

How is this possible?

Onto the 2nd Fundamental let’s find out!

Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship with Blockchain Trust

2nd Fundamental of Asset Protection


The Blockchain Trust Solution

Forfeiture of civil assets was originally designed to frustrate organized crimes, through the seizure of valuables used in criminal circumstances. Regrettably, this tool has become a weapon used by unscrupulous law enforcement administrators to hunt innocent individuals and profit from their life-long toiling.

The trust stands as a solution for this maltreatment by helping parties guard their wealth against these predators. Little wonder why Oliver Wendell Holmes stated “put not your trust in your money, rather put your money into a (Blockchain) trust”

Trust happens when an individual called the settlor or trustor, transfers his assets to another called the trustee, to guard it for yet another, called the beneficiary until necessary conditions to assume possession are met.

This has been the model lots of wealthy families use to protect assets from squander, lawsuits, divorce, mismanagement, and other factors capable of crumbling wealth.

How practical would this be?

Onto the 3rd fundamental let’s find out!

3rd Fundamental of Asset Protection



Just like you can only die once, some acts are considered irrevocable and unchangeable.

Since there are 2 kinds of trusts, revocable and irrevocable, using an irrevocable Blockchain Trust activates the best strategy to combat threats to your assets.

With this strategy, once the path has been set in motion, you lose the ability to change your mind or alter its process. That’s why it’s always advised to consider all options before fixing your terms in an irrevocable Blockchain Trust.

With an irrevocable Blockchain Trust, no matter how grave the circumstances are, fierce the creditor appears to be, or the weight attached to a judgment, nothing can tamper with your assets including you and the trust themselves. The Blockchain Trust would only follow the laid down procedure you provided, to convey assets to your beneficiary.

Using special terms for your irrevocable Blockchain Trust makes it totally impossible for creditors and asset predators to have access to protected assets.

Special terms! What could they possibly be or mean?

Onto the 4th fundamental let’s find out!

Blockchain Trust and Blockchain Bank Stable Coin BBSC
Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

4th Fundamental of Asset Protection


The Spendthrift Extravagant Check


When a Settlor wants to put limits on how a beneficiary would access and use the assets available to him, Spendthrift provisions come in handy as an extravagant check.

It helps one protect assets from hazards, and the waste careless desires can cause.

Some Settlors may decide to say, ‘’Please don’t allow my beneficiary to spend above this amount until he is done with College.’’ That’s an example of hard and fast rules in Spendthrift provision. Some other special terms might be flexible and say, ‘’Except with valid reason, don’t grant access to funds in the trust.’’

However, beyond putting limits on your beneficiary, Spendthrift does a greater job of fighting off your fierce predators from attacking your beneficiaries too. It allows your beneficiary to start to milk the juice off the protected assets without wanton disturbances of any kind.

Wondering how you can set this up with your own Blockchain Trust?


To the 5th fundamental of asset protection, let’s find out!

5th Fundamental of Asset Protection


Self-settled Trust

James Allen once said, “Self-trust is the essence of heroism”. Therefore if you are already a hero by inheriting your assets in a spendthrift trust, then our strategy can help you get the best out of it, using the 5th fundamental “self-settled trust”.

Self-settled spendthrift Trust is different from the normal trust you create for another person as a “beneficiary”, this trust is the one you create for yourself. With a self-settled Trust, you are both the Settlor and the beneficiary all at the same time.

For many decades, people have used Self-settled Trust to protect their assets from their fleeting desires, and the itching hands of asset predators. Because this trust is made for you as the beneficiary, it is considered a revocable trust since you can opt-out.

This makes all functioning revocable trusts, self-settled trusts.

Combining the first five fundamentals mentioned so far, helps you reap the unending benefits of asset protection. Nevertheless, in most places, it is not always easy to get all 5 fundamentals working in synergy unless you establish your own Blockchain Trust.

This makes the 6th fundamental very important during considerations. Here we go!

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

6th Fundamental of Asset Protection



Stephen Harper, the EX Canadian Prime Minister said “The nature of our constitution is that everyone is supposed to be able to do their own thing in their area of jurisdiction”. In other words, jurisdiction appears to be the life wire, foundation, and bedrock of all judicial activities. It also extends to quasi-judicial proceedings; hence it becomes the most important fundamental of asset protection.

The laws and regulations that govern trust activities vary from one state to another. What is right in Canada might be wrong in the United States. What is legal in Switzerland, might be considered a “tax crime” in the Netherlands and vice versa across the world.

In situations concerning trusts, not many jurisdictions approve of the combination of the Self-settled trust, Spendthrift, and irrevocability. The ones that do may not provide adequate security for your assets.

So, what is the way forward in such circumstances?

You may want to ask. Let’s find out the 7th fundamental of asset protection

7th Fundamental of Asset Protection


The Offshore Advantage

Julian Assange once said: “How interesting it is that Swiss banks are also hiding their assets from the Swiss using available offshore bank structuring”. Believe it or not, offshore asset protection saves you from a whole lot of asset risks that could result in permanent loss of your assets.

In a small jurisdiction far away in the South Pacific lies the Cook Islands, providing an asset protection trust that is unrivaled. They are not influenced by U.S. jurisdiction of any sort since they do not respect foreign judgments. In fact, filing a lawsuit against someone who has his assets backed by the Cook Island Trust is simply an effort in futility.

In the best case scenario, any creditor has to start his matter afresh as well as prove his claim beyond reasonable doubt, the benchmark for criminal matters in the USA. Also, creditors need to struggle against the strict limitation statute for actions against trustees, while catering for other logistics like flying a presiding judge all the way from New Zealand and taking care of all court expenses. This is definitely something no creditor wants to get involved with.

But here's the catch, an irrevocable Blockchain Trust provides you with the same protection as the very expensive offshore trust in the Cook Islands, and much more. The decentralized and tax-exempt Blockchain Trust combines digital technological apparatuses to give you extra layers of security for a setup cost far below what you would pay to set up a Cook Island Trust.

So if you're wondering how to get this protection activated, let’s hop onto the next fundamental for details.

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

8th Fundamental of Asset Protection


Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

Michael J. Fox said, “No matter how much money you have, you can still lose it”. This authenticates the well-known quote “It’s not the money that matters; it is how you use it that counts.

Every benefit comes at a cost - it is more like the head and tail of a Coin. In order to maximize the benefits of a foreign asset protection trust that is digitally inclined to protect your digital, physical, and corporate assets, as well as control expenses with tax-exempt features will get your Blockchain Trust up and running.

In less than 30 minutes, professionals set up your functioning secure and private Blockchain Trust, where you can store your assets to kiss taxes and asset predators goodbye!

What’s the next step from here? Let’s find out in the 9th fundamental!

9th Fundamental of Asset Protection


Domestic Shield

Diverse statutes and laws exist for example in the United States and other countries across the world, to give some sort of “protection and ownership” to Companies, Partnerships, LLC’s, and Asset Protection Trusts. They help to limit liability, and this is what the “Domestic Shield” is all about. The domestic protection trust hinges on the protection provision made available in the USA and other countries to “discourage” detrimental offshore activities.

Warren Buffet expressed displeasure when he said: “I prefer robbers of liquor stores with hungry kids over companies who try to avoid tax by locating offshore.”

With the decentralized Blockchain Trust, you do not need to go “offshore” by looking for strong Asset Protection Trusts to protect your domestic or international assets. Using the Blockchain Trust as a domestic and international asset protection tool, you enjoy lower setup costs, lower maintenance fees, zero taxes, 100% confidentiality of activities, and a speedy establishment and registration process of only 30 minutes!


Compare the Blockchain Trust to any costly and time-consuming “offshore” trust solution on the planet and you will realize that the Blockchain Trust is your best choice.

In case you are considering the “domestic” fatal flaw of domestic trust within your own jurisdiction, the Blockchain Trust has a way around it.

Want to find out what domestic fatal flaw entails?

Check the next fundamental of asset protection.

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

10th Fundamental of Asset Protection


Domestic Fatal Flaw:

No matter how good an item is, there are always flaws attached to it. While some of these flaws can be managed, others can be a complete disaster.

The fatal flaw of a domestic asset protection trust arises from the different jurisdictions that exist. Therefore, while one jurisdiction may endorse a certain statute or law, another state court may totally disagree.

For example: This position is backed up by the U.S. Constitution, in the sense that no state jurisdiction would ignore a judgment from another jurisdiction, or from Federal laws that are ranked above state laws.

Therefore, just as much as it is fine to get as much protection as the “domestic” asset protection trust can provide, it is advisable to have an “offshore edge” beyond that of the state if you must ensure maximum security of your assets.

The perfect way to have a touch of all these benefits combined is by using the Blockchain Trust, which offers an advanced level of protection, and shields against haughty lawyers who would try to bypass certain State laws with the excuse of applicability in other jurisdictions.

How is this fatal flaw taken care of by the Blockchain Trust? Let’s see the 11th fundamental.

11th Fundamental of Asset Protection


The Blockchain Trust

Just like the London Bridge connects the city of London with Southwark, every bridge is built to serve as a link between two endpoints. The Blockchain Trust equally serves the same function. It is registered legally “offshore” on the decentralized Blockchain and is built back into the country of your jurisdiction, making it recognized as a “Domestic Asset Protection Trust” but without the flaws of your local trust laws.

This enables your assets to remain in your own jurisdiction and within your full control. It equally does not demand any tax compliance reports, offshore taxes, or in the USA any IRS compliance.

The added advantage of the Blockchain Trust model is its ability to “drive your assets across the bridge”, turning it into a full-time International Asset Protection Trust, built into the Blockchain smart contracts to achieve maximum asset protection in the smoothest and most cost-effective way possible.

This means you can have full “offshore asset protection” whenever you need it. Meanwhile, until this happens, you can get to manage your assets the way you want and within your own jurisdiction, securely registered under your own tax-exempt Blockchain Trust.

Sounds like what you love?

Check out the 12th fundamental of asset protection!

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Decentralized Finance

12th Fundamental of Asset Protection

Cop Protection Entities

COP stands for “Charging Order Protection” entities, preferably identified as Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) and Limited Partnerships (LP’s). A good digital or physical asset protection trust must maximize the tools available on both domestic and offshore levels.

Under the domestic asset protection trusts, LLC’s and LP’s serve to redefine how ownership is placed in relation to traditional corporations. In a traditional corporation, the owner possesses all the shares of the company, and these shares are viewed as just any asset that can be accessible by creditors.

However, LLC’s and LP’s present ownership on a joint Partnership basis which is inclusive of all members. Here, creditors can be restricted and fully denied rights to assets or membership. The best a creditor can get in this circumstance is a “charge order” that allows him to gain an uncertain contributed amount of the company's assets that the members get.

Therefore putting your digital and physical corporate assets under the protection of a decentralized and tax-exempt Blockchain Trust will guarantee a far superior protection for your assets than any LLC or LP could offer.

Ready to proceed?

To the 13th fundamental, let’s get it done!

13th Fundamental of Asset Protection

Fraudulent Conveyance

Many times debt is inevitable, especially in a very litigious country like the United States of America. There are also designed strategies that are put in place to ensure the payment of debts to creditors.

To ensure enforceability, the law nullifies every fraudulent conveyance, which includes any transfer of ownership, done to delay, hinder, or defraud a Creditor.

This means that if you wish to protect your digital and physical corporate assets under an asset protection trust, you have to get it done before a creditor comes into the picture. Digital assets are not excluded from this law too.

Therefore proper planning in advance will help you protect your assets rightly when you need to, as asset protection is not based on speculation. Only assets transferred to a decentralized Blockchain Trust will be considered protected under domestic and international laws.

You can get started by planning ahead and getting your own Blockchain Trust registered today!

And if you think asset protection is only for the wealthy, you should see the 14th fundamental.

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Blockchain Trust powered by Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority, led by

14th Fundamental of Asset Protection

Who is the Target?

Entrepreneurs like you! The targets of most lawsuits are not really wealthy people; this is because they have ruthless and high-cost lawyers, who would stand in for them and probably win the matter over. The easiest targets are the hard-working entrepreneurs and future millionaires next door; the set of individuals who have accumulated at least $100,000 up to 5 million US Dollars over time through hard work in their own business.

The mental and emotional stress lawsuits bring on an individual is devastating; these come with a lot of claims that break most people down and have you spending a lot of money on legal fees. The goal of these creditors is to put you under so much pressure that you just wish to pay them off to go away.

Oftentimes, even insurance policies cannot cover the impending level of damage. This category of people being the target, have the most need to protect their properties under Asset Protection Trusts and eradicate the fear of lawsuits.

With the Blockchain Trust being a reliable backup, everyone can now protect their physical and digital assets, and then kiss taxes and asset predators goodbye forever.

Let’s get on the last fundamental to set the ball rolling.

15th Fundamental of Asset Protection

The All-Inclusive Theory

Knowledge without action produces no result. That’s why Malcom X said: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Though mere knowledge of “how to protect your assets with the Blockchain Trust'' seems to be sufficient preparation, it isn’t enough since the Blockchain Trust will not take responsibility for any asset that is not transferred. Hence, it is important to include all the assets you wish to protect while registering your Blockchain Trust.

And just like good wines will taste better when they stay longer, your Blockchain Trust becomes stronger when you allow it to age over time.

Therefore, consulting the free services of one of our corporate experts to help you plan a protection program that suits your needs best, will be a step in the right direction.

After which, implementing the plan by registering and funding your Blockchain Trust will provide you with endless benefits such as; 100% tax exemption, total confidentiality on a secure and tamper-proof Blockchain platform (the Ethereum and Polygon Network), and finally, a type of rock solid asset protection that creditors and predators can’t easily crack.

That’s why with the establishment of your own cost-effective Blockchain Trust, we rely on the most secure platform—the blockchain—to protect your assets from threats that could lead to the loss of all accrued wealth and valuables.

Enjoy the unlimited benefits of your Blockchain Trust. You can register today in less than 30 minutes.

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
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