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Funding Your Blockchain Trust®

Asset protection trusts don’t function based on assumption or mere speculations; they function based on the responsibility of having your assets transferred to the trust. The Blockchain Trust® will not take responsibility for assets that were not included or transferred to them if creditors attack your unprotected assets. Hence it becomes necessary to include all your assets that need protection into your plan.

For an inclusive strategy, this page is created to help you with all information regarding funding and executing personal plans with your own Blockchain Trust®. As much as we cannot choose a plan for you in this regard, we are always ready to assist you through the decision making process. Should you encounter difficulties in developing an asset protection strategy or need explanations regarding the funding of your plan, reach out to our customer service for professional assistance.


Primary Considerations for Asset Protection

Residential Homes (Primary and Secondary)

Shelter is an unquestionable asset every human needs; hence it should be the first to be protected. You will always need a home to shield you from harsh weather conditions, be it your primary or secondary home. If you’ve got a home already, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your safety in any way possible. Therefore, protecting your homes from creditors and asset predators who wouldn’t hesitate snatching your prized possessions is a step in the right direction.

To get your homes protected, all you’ve got to do is transfer your residence into your Blockchain Trust® using a deed of assignment or related methods.

Income Generating Assets (Rentals)

Since protecting your income generating assets can be quite complicated, here is a strategy to go about it to ensure full protection.

First would be creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and transferring your rental assets to the LLC using a deed. After which, you can then protect assets of the LLC with your Blockchain Trust®.

Liquid Assets

Yes! Your bonds, cash, stocks, jewelry, precious metals, otherwise called safe or liquid assets all need protection as well. Even though they can’t cause you liabilities, they can be confiscated by judgment creditors in the event of an unsuccessful lawsuit. Without having to transfer these deeds to a LLC, you can directly protect these assets with your Blockchain Trust®


Protecting chattels like cars can be necessary although it’s better off left out. Chattels are risky assets that can be owned individually; nevertheless if you wish to protect your chattels you can protect it automatically using the Blockchain Trust®.

The Blockchain Trust® combines the benefits of offshore asset protection, domestic asset protection, foreign asset protection, LLC, and Blockchain technology to give you exceptional security at less cost.

Using your Blockchain Trust®, you are completely exempted from tax, your properties are confidential, and you enjoy the transactional speed at which every activity is done no matter your location.

Beware of your little expenses! A small leak will sink the ship that holds your wealth; therefore protect your wealth and assets today!

Contact us to get started today, it only takes 30 minutes to register your Blockchain Trust.

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