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Who Needs Asset Protection?

Our Disputatious World

Many corporations can pay the best lawyers to represent them against a lawsuit, but many times they don’t come out victorious. The long laborious processes to arrive at judgment, is financially burdening. So, at best, they avoid any form of litigation. Companies like McDonalds in time past, had to pay millions in fines and class-actions settlements. Some other corporations or individuals don’t have the financial girth to sustain a lawsuit for as long as it lasts; many have gone out of business because of these lawsuits, others struggle to regain what was once theirs.


For example, America is the No. 1 country in the world, with more law suits than any other nation combined and anyone can get sued for almost anything. In a world, where corporate mistakes cost millions, or even billions of dollars it is only strategic to protect one's personal and corporate assets.

Corporations, and individuals that are perceived to have resources, become prime targets for lawsuit hungry individuals and litigation lawyers. There are laws in the state and federal levels, insurance policies and structures that may provide a level of protection to one's assets, but these laws are not wholesome and do not cover many areas. That’s why with the establishment of your own cost effective Blockchain Trust®, we rely on the most secure platform—the blockchain—to protect your assets from threats that could lead to the loss of all accrued wealth and valuables. We don’t just offer wealth preservation; we also offer management and strategic structures that shield you from stringent policies, lavish tax extortions, and greedy litigation lawyers that may try to facilitate the liquidation of your assets. Asset Protection through your own  Blockchain Trust® gives you the option to legally protect your assets from the frivolous lawsuits that are trying to target you or your business.



The argument of who needs protection in every asset and valuable circumstance never gets old. While a number of people maintain that only big corporations, large firms and huge business establishments need to protect assets and manage their valuable possessions, a greater number have argued otherwise.

In reality, nearly everyone needs their assets protected, especially when acquiring them cost you a fortune. Small organizations, healthcare professionals, business owners, employees, entertainers, artists, individuals, athletes, celebrities, and anyone in possession of revenue generating streams will need to protect assets. This includes anyone with:

  1. High visibility, and assets that can be traced.

  2. High net worth individuals

  3. Professions with high potential for mistakes and lawsuits like pharmacists, engineers, lawyers, realtors, doctors etc.





Do you have assets? Then, you need to secure them. In 2016 Apple was sued by Nokia for asset infringement claims, this claim cost Apple billions of dollars to settle.

If you have assets, they can be taken from you, so you need to protect them. The  Blockchain Trust® is securely registered on the Blockchain, especially on the Ethereum network, which provides the most secure option for your assets. The  Blockchain Trust® is registered under a unique identification and registration number that can’t be claimed by any other person. Due to its decentralized nature, the Blockchain Trust® has 100% tax exemption and gives you the freedom to perform transactions globally without limitations from regulatory bodies. The blockchain network makes it impossible for forgeries, and false claims to occur, and with your own Blockchain Trust®, we ensure that you are properly registered on the blockchain network in 30 minutes. We also provide you with the necessary guidance you or your business would need, strategies and consultation. All of this, 100% tax free, in 30 minutes!




At Blockchain Bank & Trust we understand that the most important aspect of any transaction is “trust”, that’s why our Blockchain Trust® registration process is decentralized but 100% secured on the blockchain. A good asset protection will provide for you easy-step-by-step guides to implementation, transparent processes, solid structures and strategies that shield against creditor claims and incidents that could diminish revenue.

So, who needs asset protection? Anyone with an asset, or a revenue generation stream, and that includes you and your business.

Protect yourself against any possible future threats by registering your own Blockchain Trust® today!

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