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Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust



"Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust offers services strictly on a Business-to-Business (B2B) basis.


We do not offer consumer finance products or services. Our services are designed to aid businesses in setting up Investment Banks & Trusts/Fintech Entities Including Online Banking Platform, API Keys, and Private Label Visa® and MasterCard® Programs under your Bank Brand.


We do not provide financial services or financial advice to individual consumers as clearly stated in our Terms of Service."

"How To Establish Your Own Decentralized Blockchain Bank & Visa/MasterCard Program Without The Bureaucratic Red Tape"?

"Transform the future of finance with Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust. Seamlessly merge traditional banking with the unmatched security and transparency of blockchain technology on the Polygon network. Our turn-key "Bank in a Box" solutions enable you to launch your own decentralized bank and card program, devoid of bureaucratic hurdles, and operational in just 24 hours under your own brand."

Discover how Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust is merging traditional banking with blockchain's security and transparency on the Polygon network. Unlock the future of banking with decentralized solutions, smart contracts, and global accessibility.


What is a Blockchain Bank?

A Blockchain Bank, as pioneered and created by Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, integrates the traditional banking model with the revolutionary technology of blockchain. This hybrid operates on a foundation that prioritizes decentralization, security, and transparency, enabling it to offer a broad spectrum of banking services.


As a buyer of a Blockchain Bank & Trust you can offer to your end clients an extensive list of activities and services including but are not limited to: super fast, low cost, cross border payment facilities without intermediaries, and without the need for SWIFT! Merchant accounts for global entrepreneurs, savings and checking accounts, credit card issuing, asset management, payment processing and tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs). 


Explore Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust's seamless cross-border payment solutions, which are available under your own Bank brand.

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Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - What is included in the Bank in a Box Package

You can now establish your own private bank & trust without needing to spend your entire life savings!

Unlocking Opportunities with Ready-Made Banks available for immediate acquisition!

The acquisition price for a turnkey Blockchain Bank & Trust start's at just $10,000, which gives you immediate access to a ready-to-operate Investment Bank or Blockchain Bank, featuring robust online banking platforms and exclusive Visa® and MasterCard® programs under your brand. Step into a world of rapid, low-cost international payments, comprehensive merchant services, and innovative financial products without the need for intermediaries like SWIFT.


Embrace a unique bank acquisition opportunity. Position yourself at the forefront of the financial industry with minimal upfront costs.  

Do You Want Your Bank Be Ready For Tomorrow? Contact Us Today!

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Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - Brand New Banks For Sale

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"How To Establish Your Own Investment Bank & Card Program Without The Bureaucratic Red Tape"?

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Blockchain Trust Business-in-a-Box

For Global Entrepreneurs, Anytime, Anywhere!

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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Testomonials
Our Clients Say It Best:
New Horizon Bank PLC


"Blockchain Bank & Trust has been instrumental in the successful launch of New Horizon Bank PLC.


Their comprehensive services, including the development of our online banking platform, Visa/Mastercard program, and trademark design and registration, have exceeded our expectations.


The team at Blockchain Bank & Trust managed every detail meticulously, from card design and creation to ensuring seamless integration with our banking operations.


Their expertise in blockchain corporate structures has provided us with a secure and efficient foundation to grow our banking services.


We highly recommend Blockchain Bank & Trust for their professionalism, innovation, and unwavering support."

Best regards,


Stephen Duncan-Chairman 

New Horizon Bank PLC
Filing Number: 00042220230731
Individual Shareholder
Business Type: Blockchain Corporate
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New Horizon Bank Card
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