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What is Corporate Asset Protection?

Limited Partnerships & Corporate Asset Management
with your own 
Blockchain Trust®

What is Corporate Asset Protection?

Many people assume that corporate asset protection planning is just another term for “hiding” your corporate assets from creditors, but that is not the case. Instead, corporate asset protection operates well within the confines of the law. It is smart and completely legal.


What Are The Key Rules of Corporate Asset Protection?

These are rules that are fundamental, that are basic. They’re inalienable like rights of liberty. 

  1. The first rule is, what you don’t own cannot be taken from you.

  2. The second rule, just as obvious, no country in the world automatically enforces U.S. judgments. Read this again.


The irrevocable Blockchain Trust® is one of the most important Corporate Asset Protection Tools in use today.

A trust is a legal agreement between the settlor and the trustee, wherein the settlor transfers legal title of assets to the trustee, and the trustee holds legal title for the benefit of trust beneficiaries. By splitting the beneficial enjoyment of trust assets from their legal ownership, a trust allows a debtor to give up legal title, while retaining beneficial enjoyment and possibly control over the assets.

A creditor’s ability to satisfy a judgment against a beneficiary’s interest in a trust is limited to the beneficiary’s interest in such trust. Consequently, the common goal of asset protection trusts is to limit the interests of beneficiaries in such a way so as to preclude creditors from collecting against trust assets.

Trusts are similar to corporations or LLCs because they are also considered separate legal entities. However, the trust must be “irrevocable” to obtain this status. Otherwise, revocable trusts are often just regarded as an extension of the trust owner. In an irrevocable Blockchain Trust®, the assets are transferred to the trust. As the owner of the trust is no longer the owner of the property within the trust, creditors have a much harder time accessing anything in the Blockchain Trust®.

If you put your limited liability company (LLC) interest in the Blockchain Trust®, the creditor is high and dry. They cannot even get a charging order against the LLC now because the trust doesn’t owe them anything and you don’t own that LLC interest anymore.

You really need to use these specialized Blockchain Trusts® that will protect your corporate assets, so a creditor cannot even get a charging order against your limited liability company (LLC) and therefore he is just flat out of luck. He has no recourse whatsoever to get your corporate assets.

You can use the irrevocable Blockchain Trust® as an asset protection tool and strategy, to effectively manage the assets of your limited partnerships, companies, and corporate bodies from around the world. 

While the Blockchain Trust® uses the Blockchain as its wealth preserving platform; corporate assets like money, real estate, investments, savings and securities are also managed effectively through these means, making it impossible for these valuables to be reached by creditors and their litigation attorneys.

Using this corporate defense strategy, judgment creditors are totally cut-off from corporate assets, hence corporate shareholders, owners and directors are allowed to register any existing company under their Blockchain Trust® without having to reveal their personal names, instead they reveal only the company name. The Blockchain Trust® acts as a “holding company” for client corporate assets. The Blockchain Trust® centralizes the ownership and management of corporate assets – cash, savings, real estate, investments and securities – while placing a legal barrier around them.

After your Blockchain Trust® registration is completed, you can only be identified with your unique Blockchain Trust® name and registration code, which affords you anonymity in the real world. Corporate documents affiliated with your company no longer have to bear personal names, rather it bears the companies unique Blockchain Trust® name and identification codes.

So, per-adventure legal actions arise, the ownership of the Blockchain Trust® as well as the physical or digital assets it holds won’t be revealed (Anonymous).

In the unlikely event, a court has knowledge about your Blockchain Trust® assets, nothing can still be done because the court recognizes that you no longer have sufficient control over those assets since they are in the hands of the Blockchain Trust®. Also, forceful recovery of assets in a case of judgment debt is totally impossible because such assets, though belonging to you, belong to the Blockchain Trust® which the (your) Trustee controls.  


Existing trust laws prevent a judgment-creditor from touching assets inside the Blockchain Trust®, as the trustee has full control over how, if, or when distributions are made, leaving creditors with little power or leverage. The Blockchain Trust® creates legal defenses that severely limit a creditor’s ability to touch trust assets.

One of the primary goals of asset protection is to make it as difficult as possible for any creditor to reach your corporate assets and the Blockchain Trust® is an important tool in that regard.  While we cannot generally control the charging order laws of a state nor can we always predict which state’s laws will apply in any given lawsuit, we can control the internal structure and rules in our Blockchain Trust® to enhance the charging order protection.  If the purpose of your Blockchain Trust® is to protect a corporate asset from your outside liabilities, you may want to consider the Blockchain Trust® strategy to enhance the charging order protection of your LLC or corporation.

You can plan in such a way that increases your potential to protect your corporate assets and property from creditor claims. This type of planning must start long BEFORE you need it, and learning about the possible ways that a Blockchain Trust® can help you with asset protection planning is a great place to start.

In other words, the only way-out from loss of corporate assets is effectively managing your limited partnerships and corporate assets to remain unattractive and untouchable using the Blockchain Trust®.

Would you love to get started?

Protect yourself against any possible future threats by registering your own Blockchain Trust® today!

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