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Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority


Pioneering Global Finance with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Welcome to Blockchain Bank & Trust, where our vision knows no bounds. We are dedicated to tackling global banking and financial challenges head-on, armed with state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to innovation.

Decades of Expertise, Serving the World

Blockchain Bank & Trust is a trusted offshore banking firm with a professional team boasting over 33 years of experience. Our reach extends to international clients across the globe, from the USA and Canada to Brazil, Peru, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, and beyond.

Innovative Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Our journey takes us deep into the financial industry, where we offer lasting solutions for today's complex financial queries. We leverage blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions. One of our flagship offerings is the creation of bespoke Investment Banks & Blockchain Trusts, complete with white-label Banking Software and private label Visa and MasterCard programs. Say goodbye to the stress of building from scratch; our financial technology solutions are 100% customized to align with your business needs, design preferences, and corporate branding standards.

Committed to Endurance

At Blockchain Bank & Trust, we build for the long haul. Our dedicated designers and engineers tirelessly ensure that our Investment banking products are not only scalable but also futuristic. Every finance product we develop operates seamlessly, creating a user experience that leaves a lasting impression. We understand that it's not just the product but the entire journey, from design to execution, that keeps customers engaged and satisfied.

Empowering Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

We firmly believe in empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By eliminating taxes entirely, we open doors for small players to compete on a level playing field with industry giants. Over the past three decades, we've facilitated the growth of the middle class and retailers by enabling them to establish cryptocurrency exchanges, set up Investment banks, offshore banks, licensed Investment Funds, and even create their own Visa and MasterCard private label – all at pocket-friendly costs.

Your Trusted Partner with a Global Reach

Blockchain Bank & Trust stands as the most viable and secure service provider worldwide, managing over six million corporate portfolios. We also forge strategic partnerships as a licensed Investment Bank and Statutory Trust. Our services encompass equity investments, financial advisory, M&A management consulting, and the establishment of investment banks, offshore banks, credit unions, capital funds, and tax-exempt real estate developments in collaboration with Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Finance

As we stride into the future of finance, we invite you to explore our comprehensive website to learn more about our specialized services. If you have any questions or seek further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. At Blockchain Bank & Trust, we are here to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of finance.

Blockchain Trust Registrations

Future Investment Bankers!

Imagine, you could be owning a tax-exempt Investment Bank & Trust including your own private label MasterCard program and online banking platform for only $49,000!

Our team is highly specialized in establishing investment banks, offshore banks, credit unions & capital trusts or licensed Investment Funds and Blockchain Trusts for our clients across the world.


We like to take this opportunity to enlighten you more about our business and the specialized services we offer. 


We provide you the opportunity to establish your own Investment Bank including the power to buy, sell, finance or trade across the world on behalf of your future Investment Banking clients.


We establish for you your own investment bank or licensed investment fund without much bureaucratic red tape, at a favorable price, and with electronic payment capabilities right from the comfort of your home!

Services For a Global Audience

As you know, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the future of the finance industry and monetary transaction market, and Blockchain Bank & Trust is here to help you bring your new Investment Bank to a global audience. Our slogan is:
"Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is the future;
We are bringing it to you!”

The Blockchain Bank team believes in opening up opportunities for global entrepreneurs and giving them the freedom to choose the best service provider in their area of interest. However, as with every other business, our presence is felt in the business world, especially when it comes to reducing or eliminating your corporate tax.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust


Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust is a dedicated offshore banking firm offering financial services in multiple jurisdictions. We take pride in building a relationship of trust with our clients.

Our management team has 33+ years' experience of serving our international clients with global investment banking, private banking, consulting, and corporate finance services in countries like the USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Switzerland, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, and 60 more countries across the world.

This international mindset and expertise enables us to understand the complex business needs and goals of our global clientele.

Be Empowered

Traditional banks as we know them today started to dominate the financial services industry around the 14th century.

It took some 700 years to disrupt old traditions and bring true change to the industry.  The DeFi Fintech Revolution has only started but even the old traditional banks have now realized (some a bit too late) that they can choose to get on board or to meet the fate of the dinosaurs.  

At Blockchain Bank & Trust we live and breathe financial and blockchain technology. We develop our own Fintech ideas from scratch in addition to assisting early-stage companies to realize their dreams and turn their vision into global success stories. We are patient, but not patient enough to wait until tomorrow for tomorrow’s technology and UX.

Are you ready for tomorrow? Let’s go there together today!

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Our Strategic Partners

As a licensed Investment Bank and Statutory Trust, Blockchain Bank provides equity investments, financial advisory services, M&A management consulting, and establishing investment banks, offshore banks, credit unions, capital funds, and tax-exempt real estate developments with our sister company Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority.


In the last 3 decades, we have been operating in the field of finance and investment banking, which enables the middle class and retailers with the opportunity to compete against the big corporations, services like establishing cryptocurrency exchanges, setting up Investment banks, offshore banks, licensed Investment Funds, etc., at a very competitive cost.

Your One Stop Shop


COMPETITION FOR WEALTHY CLIENTS has never been more intense, as wealth managers endeavor to enhance their traditional investment management services by offering more sophisticated investment, estate, financial, charitable, and tax planning services to their best, most profitable customers.


In today’s market, advisors who want to differentiate themselves may need to offer the services that have long been the province of bank trust departments and corporate trustees.


You can benefit from our expertise and achieve exactly the same powers & benefits for your new Blockchain Bank & Trust.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

About You

Have you been thinking about establishing your own Investment Bank or licensed Investment Fund without a lot of bureaucratic “red tape”, with electronic payment capabilities– and for a budget you can afford?

You have done your research across the world, and compared service providers only to discover that they are either too expensive or simply not worth your time.

Rest assured, Blockchain Bank & Trust is on your team to make your dream of establishing your own Investment Bank a reality and we also show you how to bring your corporate taxes down to ZERO and much more...


How can a Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter be useful for your Business?

The primary benefit of the Blockchain Trust Company is its ability to engage in fiduciary activities and perform related functions. The Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank can have various roles including but not limited to acting as a trustee, administrator, agent, custodian, investment manager, escrow agent, or fiscal or transfer agent. These roles involve taking care of, investing, managing, or handling someone else's property or your own corporate assets.

Services include digital asset management, custodian and fiduciary services, and the use of Blockchain technology to issue and track shares, deposit-taking, Visa and MasterCard issuance under your own brand, and much more!

Blockchain Trust Companies are not Banks under the Federal Bank Holding Company Act.

Therefore, a trust company's parent company does not classify as a bank holding company. The Federal Reserve does not regulate a DECENTRALIZED Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank or its affiliates. Their affiliates can do various activities without many restrictions.


Moreover, a Blockchain Trust company could potentially be a useful part of the overall corporate structure of such a business, if such a business model included fiduciary aspects or required the safekeeping of assets.  Decentralized Blockchain Trust & Blockchain Banks can accept both FIAT and CRYPTO deposits. This allows them to expand their deposit-taking activities. It also enables them to access affordable funding through warranties.

These decentralized Blockchain Trust companies and Blockchain Banks have special powers and are not subject to all the rules that banks have to follow. This makes them appealing to asset and wealth managers and traditional fiduciaries. Today, we use the old trust charter in new ways and find it helpful for modern financial services with advanced blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Bank & Trust and the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority are highly secure and dependable global service provider's. We manage over 6.2 million blockchain corporations, banks, and trusts.

Blockchain Trust

Why Choose Us?

We are focused on building to last. Not just building a product that is relevant today but one that truly stands the test of time. Our designers and engineers work tirelessly to ensure our Blockchain Corporate products are scalable and futuristic. All developed Blockchain Corporate and finance products operate seamlessly, making the user experience remarkable. We understand that it is not the product that keeps the customer but the entire experience from design to execution.


Our team believes in small and medium size enterprises, leading and opening up opportunities for global entrepreneurs by eliminating TAXES 100%, allowing small players to compete favorably with the big guns in the Blockchain space

We share a common goal for all – achieving individual sovereignty and independence from Government tyranny. Owning an Investment Banking Trust with cryptocurrency payment facilities not only is the answer to escape economic Government tyranny but also to regain 100% individual sovereignty and personal freedom.

Your Next Steps



“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” - MICHELANGELO. 


If you wish to benefit from our global expertise, our skills, and our fearless attitude when is comes to dealing with Government regulations and tax minimization across the world, drop us a line to book your confidential consultation:

Ready Made Banks For Sale at Blockchain Bank & Trust


The Blockchain Bank Team are experts in creative Investment Bank & Capital Trust establishments, including your own private label Mobile Banking Platform, your own API, your own cryptocurrency facilities, and your own SWIFT code, yet without the bureaucratic "red tape"...

Our Mobile Banking technology solutions enable your future banking clients to open a bank account from anywhere. In a matter of seconds - with seamless interaction.

Blockchain Bank & Trust - private banks for sale, Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, Investment Banking Blockchain Trusts, Capital Trusts, Family Banks & Blockchain Trust
Blockchain Bank & Trust - private banks for sale, Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, Investment Banking Blockchain Trusts, Capital Trusts, Family Banks & Blockchain Trust


Our Investment Banks & Real Estate Trusts are fully authorized to collect money from the general public and invest in different types of businesses for your own account and/or for third parties.

These kinds of Investment Bank’s & Real Estate Trusts are ideal for capital raising, purchase and management of real estate of all kinds, including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and apartment blocks as well as for e-wallet, electronic payment solutions.


Blockchain Bank & Trust is your exclusive source for Investment Bank & Capital Trust establishments across the world. Our price structure for the establishment of your very own Investment Bank & Trust is custom made based on your requirements.


We can establish your Investment Bank & Insurance Trust including 100% Capital Protection for your investors.

By implementing a Capital Guaranteed Note Program, any losses experienced by the underlying investments are absorbed by your Fund, which tends to invest 50% of fund capital into very conservative Government-backed securities to help minimize the likelihood of losses in the event your business would default.

The management team of Blockchain Bank & Trust has been in the offshore banking & finance industry since 1990 and has a track record of successful Investment Bank establishments for over 3 decades. 


For a confidential consultation on how to establish your own Investment Bank including your own card program, please contact us

Blockchain Bank & Trust - private banks for sale, Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, Investment Banking Blockchain Trusts, Capital Trusts, Family Banks & Blockchain Trust

Let's Start Your Own International Bank & Trust

Effortless and limitless in a matter of days, not months or years!

Investment Banks & Blockchain Trusts

Start your investment banking business in the USA and on the Blockchain from anywhere in the world for only $49,000!

Incorporate your Investment Bank and access the most creative and detailed corporate solutions on the planet. BancorpTrust is your exclusive source to establish an investment bank or to establish an investment banking trust regardless of your nationality.  

We establish Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, Investment Funds, Investment Banking Trusts, Corporate Bank Trusts, Real Estate Funds, Investment Banks & Blockchain Trusts, Credit Unions, and Capital Trusts,  including your own private label Online Banking Platform, your own API, your own SWIFT code, yet without the bureaucratic "red tape"...

Supercharge Your Business With Embedded Finance. Seamlessly Bring Financial Services, Such As Visa And MasterCard's In USD, Euro, Crypto, And IBANs Into Your Private Label Online Banking Software To Unlock New Capabilities That Your Customers Will Love.

Our Mobile Banking technology solutions enable your future banking clients to open a bank account from anywhere.
In a matter of seconds - with seamless interaction.

Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust

​Talk to our experts to deliver the professional solutions you are looking for...

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BancorpTrust - How To Start Your Own International Bank & Trust?
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