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What Is An Asset?

Assets in simple terms are resources that have economic value that an individual, organization, or country controls, as well as enjoys its immediate or futuristic benefits. Assets are revenue generating means that benefit its principals. Recently, because of the digitization of our world, assets have also evolved beyond physical boundaries and can now be found digitally.

From cryptocurrencies, to buying spaces on the metaverse, to information and data ownership rights, etc, assets have transcended from physical to digital. That’s why owning a Blockchain Trust® would be the smartest, 100% tax-exempt strategy to purchase, register, control, protect and manipulate your digital and physical corporate assets around the world. The Blockchain Trust® has been created and pioneered by the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority® to promote absolute freedom and sovereign autonomy for global entrepreneurs.

What Is Asset Protection?

Asset protection is the use of strategies and structures to protect one’s revenue generating streams. It is a very pivotal aspect of financial planning, and is used to protect one's wealth from creditor claims. Once an individual, corporation or country becomes wealthy and profitable, they grab the attention of creditors who want to take a chunk of their wealth. It is therefore important for one to effectively build structures to protect their wealth. These strategies limit creditor access to assets, while operating legally. These asset protection strategies can also include protection from unreasonable taxation, seizure, and other methods by which one's revenue can be affected. The processes are legal, and protect many who have secured their assets from loss due to creditor claims.

In the case of legal actions taken against one’s organization or an individual, asset protection provides leverage, and insulation against these actions. Blockchain Trust® utilizes the blockchain as its means of securing assets on its platform. This provides for those registered on the platform, a decentralized system where every transaction is transparent. This process has eradicated frivolous taxation, costs of maintenance, the risk of fraud and manipulation of ownership etc.

Experts state that it is necessary to protect your asset, before liability occurs, in which case, it may be difficult to protect assets that are in danger. It is always important to take steps now to ensure that those assets are protected from financial predators.

How Does Asset Protection Work With Your Own Blockchain Trust®?

Anyone who has wealth in high-risk professions is liable and that liability can be taken care of with asset protection. There are so many asset protection strategies out there, but what sets us apart is that by registering your own Blockchain Trust®, which relies on the most secure platform—the blockchain—to protect your assets from threats that could lead to the loss of all accrued wealth and valuables. Our Blockchain Trust registration process is extremely fast, and we have an array of competent legal hands that can offer additional consultation and legal asset protection strategies.


Here’s how it works:


  1. You register your own Blockchain Trust and identify the best strategy for you based on the assets you possess and the intricacies surrounding them.

  2. Your Blockchain Trust is registered on the Blockchain networks, with a unique company registration code.

  3. Your Blockchain Trust can only be identified on the Blockchain by that unique company registration code.

  4. The Blockchain network affords you anonymity in the physical world, by giving your Blockchain Trust a unique identity. For instance, instead of your Blockchain Trust corporate documents bearing your personal name, it can be kept 100% anonymous and it will carry your unique Blockchain Trust codes, and in the case of legal actions, the ownership of the Blockchain Trust and the digital or physical assets it holds will remain anonymous.

  5. To successfully register your assets in the name of your Blockchain Trust, will create an asset protection strategy in which a court will recognize that you no longer have sufficient control of your assets.

  6. Should you be forced to recover these assets in the event of a judgment against you, it would be very difficult to say the least. 

  7. A court has to respect the fact that the ownership of these assets in the Blockchain Trust are not yours, but belong to the Trust itself.

  8. This is especially true if you wish to hold on to the control, and beneficial use of those assets. Asset Protection is just that, a delicate balance between your use and control of your assets and a sufficient lack of such control which will be respected by the courts.

  9. You will be able to receive consistent consultation to ensure that your assets are properly managed from time to time.

  10. Your Blockchain Trust is decentralized, tax-exempt and able to transact globally with 100% control in your hands.

  11. The safest and most economical way to protect your assets is to register your own Blockchain Trust enabling you to become very “unattractive” to potential predators.

To register your Blockchain Trust just takes 30 MINUTES!! It is very fast, reliable and very affordable.

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