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Introduction to the Platinum Investment Banking Package


Turn-Key Platinum Investment Banking Package of Blockchain Bank & Trust under Your Bank Brand, Ready To Trade in 24 Hours!


Benefit from our Turn-Key Bank in a Box Program!


Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis


Comprehensive Service Package: The Platinum Investment Banking Package offers a wide range of services, covering everything from legal documentation to financial tools, ensuring a holistic approach to establishing an investment banking entity.


All-Inclusive Pricing: The flat fee starting at $10,000 and in year No. 2 you pay only $5,000 annual license fees including upgrades. This Bank VIP Plan includes an extensive array of services, providing transparency and eliminating hidden costs, making it a cost-effective solution for clients.

Embedded Finance Ecosystem: The service boasts an all-in-one automated embedded finance ecosystem, streamlining payment processes and enhancing efficiency for  businesses. It facilitates a seamless experience for payment acceptance, processing, and settlement.


Global Coverage: With a single IBAN account across 24 currencies, the service allows businesses to make and receive payments globally, promoting financial  flexibility and reducing transaction costs.


Cryptocurrency Facilities: Embracing the future of finance, the package includes cryptocurrency facilities, enabling clients to leverage the benefits of digital assets for financial freedom.


Professional Documentation: The inclusion of a Private Placement Memorandum, Trust Agreement, and Declaration of Trust ensures clients are well-equipped with the necessary legal documents to raise capital professionally.


Web Design and Video Presentation: The service extends beyond legal and financial aspects, offering professional web design and video presentation services to enhance the brand image of the new financial banking entity.


Experienced Business Planning: With 25 years of experience, the service provides in- depth and investor-ready business plans, featuring detailed financial projections, SWOT analysis, and critical issues analysis.



Complexity for Novice Users:


The extensive list of services and features may be overwhelming for clients unfamiliar with the intricacies of investment banking, requiring careful consideration, clarification and the willingness to learn new things.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis


Regulatory Compliance: The package includes features such as automated regulatory reporting and dynamic risk-based KYC/AML checks, ensuring that the financial entity complies with industry standards and regulations.

Low Initial Cost: The upfront cost starting at $10,000 to establish your turnkey Investment Bank & Trust beats any global jurisdiction for the establishment of Bank & Trust entities. No matter if you would be looking to any offshore jurisdiction across the world, from Andorra to Western Samoa and every jurisdiction in between, you would need to have several million Dollars in paid up capital and a time frame of 12 to 24 months to pass all Government regulations, red tape and bureaucratic procedures.

Fast Track To Enter The Market: With the Blockchain Bank & Trust private label Banking platform under YOUR BANK BRAND, you can be operational in 24 hours by acquiring one of our turnkey portfolio banks, including your own online banking platform, API keys to issue Visa and MasterCard’s to your clients across the world and IBAN Account Numbers for your clients, giving you full accessibility to the comprehensive suite of services.


European Correspondence Bank Accounts: The correspondence bank accounts being offered with a regulated European Bank (Member of Visa/MasterCard) ensure that businesses can work across the world, without specific regional preferences or requirements.


Full Customer Support: The back-office management and on-boarding of new clients is as easy as 1, 2, 3 so you can focus on running your Bank platform without being worried about technical issues.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis


Cost-Efficiency: The all-inclusive pricing ensures clients get value for their investment without unexpected expenses.


Global Reach: The ability to operate in 24 currencies and offer multiple payment methods provides businesses with a global reach, fostering international expansion.


Financial Flexibility: Cryptocurrency facilities and embedded finance features contribute to the financial freedom and adaptability of the newly established investment banking entity.


Professional Image: The inclusion of professional documentation, web design, and video presentation enhances the brand image, crucial for attracting investors and clients.


Regulatory Compliance: The focus on regulatory compliance and security measures instills confidence in clients regarding legal and financial operations.

Business Planning Expertise: The service's extensive business planning expertise assists clients in presenting a comprehensive and appealing case to investors and stakeholders.


Blockchain Technology Integration: The service emphasizes the use of blockchain technology for digital asset management and tracking shares, showcasing a commitment to innovative financial solutions.


Scalability: Automation features in payment processing, regulatory reporting, and financial calculations contribute to the scalability of the investment banking entity.



In Conclusion: 


The Platinum Investment Banking Package of Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust offers a robust and comprehensive set of services for establishing a new financial entity, emphasizing global reach, financial flexibility, and professional image. 

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis

Unlock the Power of Private Banking with Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Are you aspiring to become a private banker but daunted by the high capital requirements of traditional banks?


Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust offers you a compelling and cost-effective alternative.

Say Goodbye to Capital Constraints

Starting at $10,000 plus an annual license fee of only $5,000, we understand the hurdles that entrepreneurs face and therefore we offer cost effective solutions.


Traditional banks demand a minimum capital requirement of $2 million to $20 million to establish your own bank anywhere in the world.


However, now there's a game-changing solution from Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis

Your Path to Private Banking Starts at $10,000/Year 1

Introducing our Bank VIP Program, a groundbreaking opportunity that allows you to embark on your private banking journey for as little as $10,000 for year 1 and an annual License Fee of $5,000 including all upgrades. 


Unlock the potential of owning an offshore bank or blockchain bank with Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust's unique offering. For just $10,000, you can acquire a turnkey investment bank or fund, complete with an online banking platform, API keys, and a private label Visa® and MasterCard® program. Ready for operation within 24 hours, this is a fast track to entering the lucrative world of financial services.


Embrace this opportunity to lead in the financial industry with minimal upfront investment! This offer is simply irresistible for any serious entrepreneur.

Experience the Power of Our All-Inclusive Private Label Banking Platform

Our all-inclusive Private Label Banking Platform is designed to empower you from the get-go. It combines unparalleled expertise in business planning with a commitment to cutting-edge financial blockchain technologies including cross border payment solutions.


With Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, you can launch your Investment Bank & Trust in as little as 24 hours.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis
Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust - SWOT Analysis

Seize Your Opportunity Today

Don't let capital constraints hold you back from your dreams of becoming a private banker.


Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who have chosen Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust to redefine their financial future.


Contact us today to establish your own Bank by tomorrow.

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