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Stephan Schurmann Launches Blockchain Bank and Trust: Innovating Global Finance & Empowering Entrepreneurs

Stephan Schurmann unveils Blockchain Bank and Trust, a pioneering solution offering secure, transparent, and autonomous financial services leveraging blockchain technology.

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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

Stephan Schurmann, a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA), today announces the groundbreaking launch of Blockchain Bank and Trust. This innovative platform is a direct response to the global crisis of trust in traditional banking, offering a secure, transparent, and autonomous alternative for business professionals, entrepreneurs, merchants, and investors.

With over 30 years of expertise in tax-efficient corporate solutions, BICRA, managing over 6.2 million blockchain corporations and trust asset portfolios, now introduces Blockchain Bank and Trust to revolutionize banking and trust services. Amid the trust crisis highlighted in the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer, Schurmann’s latest venture stands out as a reliable option in the financial sector, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure security and transparency.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust – Providing Private Label Fintech Solutions For Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Key Features of Blockchain Bank and Trust:

  • Robust Offshore Asset Protection: Safeguard assets with our offshore banking and trust solutions.

  • Unmatched Privacy and Security: Our blockchain foundation ensures top-tier security and transparency.

  • Tax Efficiency: Utilize offshore jurisdictions for minimized tax liabilities.

  • Global Reach: Access international markets and engage in multi-currency transactions.

  • Cryptocurrency Flexibility: Incorporate cryptocurrencies into financial strategies.

  • Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy zero transaction fees, 24/7 access, customized financial advice, and comprehensive banking services.

Stephan Schurmann Launches Blockchain Bank and Trust: Innovating Global Finance

For a nominal annual fee, customers gain access to unlimited multi-currency cash accounts, global Master and Visa cards available in various currencies including cryptocurrencies, and a range of services designed to optimize the banking experience.

“Our aim is to provide scalable and future-proof corporate solutions,” says Schurmann. “By enabling SMEs to operate tax-free, Blockchain Bank and Trust is not just leveling the playing field, but transforming financial management.”

Blockchain Bank and Trust, under BICRA’s guidance, represents more than a financial institution – it’s a step towards restoring trust in the financial system and empowering global businesses and entrepreneurs.

How can a Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter be useful for your Business?

The primary benefit of the Blockchain Bank & Trust Company is its ability to engage in fiduciary activities and perform related functions. The Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank can have various roles including but not limited to acting as a trustee, administrator, agent, custodian, investment manager, escrow agent, or fiscal or transfer agent. These roles involve taking care of, investing, managing, or handling someone else’s property or your own corporate assets.

Services include digital asset management, custodian and fiduciary services, and the use of Blockchain technology to issue and track shares, deposit-taking, Visa and MasterCard issuance under your own brand, and much more!

Blockchain Financial Services

Blockchain Trust Companies are not Banks under the Federal Bank Holding Company Act.

Therefore, a trust company’s parent company does not classify as a bank holding company. The Federal Reserve does not regulate a DECENTRALIZED Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank or its affiliates. Their affiliates can do various activities without many restrictions.

Moreover, a Blockchain Trust company could potentially be a useful part of the overall corporate structure of such a business, if such a business model included fiduciary aspects or required the safekeeping of assets.  Decentralized Blockchain Trust & Blockchain Banks can accept both FIAT and CRYPTO deposits. This allows them to expand their deposit-taking activities. It also enables them to access affordable funding through warranties.

These decentralized Blockchain Trust companies and Blockchain Banks have special powers and are not subject to all the rules that banks have to follow. This makes them appealing to asset and wealth managers and traditional fiduciaries. Today, we use the old trust charter in new ways and find it helpful for modern financial services with advanced blockchain technologies.

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Stephan Schurmann – CEO

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Tel: +1-587-430-2692

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