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Stephan Schurmann pioneered the Launch of the Blockchain Domestic Asset Protection Trust (BDAPT)

Traditional Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPTs) are expensive and limited by jurisdictional constraints and legal complexities, particularly in the United States, states Stephan Schurmann. In contrast, BDAPT offers a decentralized alternative, free from the legal limitations of any single jurisdiction, ensuring enhanced privacy and protection from federal legal issues.

Revolutionizing Asset Protection Through Blockchain Technology

Stephan Schurmann, founder of BICRA, launches the Blockchain Domestic Asset Protection Trust (BDAPT), a revolutionary trust offering secure, cost-effective global asset protection.

Press Release Source: Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority,

Stephan Schurmann, founder of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA), unveils the Blockchain Domestic Asset Protection Trust (BDAPT).

In an innovative leap forward for global asset protection, Stephan Schurmann, the esteemed founder of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA), introduces the Blockchain Domestic Asset Protection Trust (BDAPT). This pioneering trust initiative is poised to redefine the landscape of asset security, offering a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution for safeguarding assets worldwide.

In the face of rising litigation and government scrutiny, with over 50 million lawsuits filed annually in the United States alone, BDAPT emerges as a critical tool for individuals and businesses aiming to protect their assets from legal disputes, creditors, and unjust government interference.

BDAPT’s Key Advantages:

  • Affordable Protection: For an annual fee of $299.00 for businesses, BDAPT provides an unparalleled level of asset security, coupled with tax-free benefits, making it an accessible option for a wide audience.

  • Worldwide Operations: BDAPT extends its reach to over 172 countries, facilitating global business operations with essential incorporation documents and an offshore blockchain bank merchant account supporting over 60 currencies.

  • Cutting-Edge Banking Solutions: Beneficiaries receive access to Visa and MasterCard debit-only cards, the Blockchain Bank Stablecoin (BBSC), and 24/7 support, ensuring seamless global financial interactions.

Advanced Banking Solutions: The trust provides Visa and MasterCard debit-only cards, access to the Blockchain Bank Stablecoin (BBSC), and 24/7 global accessibility without geographical limitations or hidden fees.

Professional Support: Clients benefit from over 33 years of financial expertise and innovative solutions, including crypto payments.

Traditional Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPTs) are expensive and limited by jurisdictional constraints and legal complexities, particularly in the United States. In contrast, BDAPT offers a decentralized alternative, free from the legal limitations of any single jurisdiction, ensuring enhanced privacy and protection from federal legal issues.

Why Choose BDAPT?

  • Unmatched Decentralization: BDAPT offers a secure, decentralized structure for asset protection, free from the constraints of any single jurisdiction, ensuring maximum privacy and security.

  • Comprehensive Asset Safety: Leveraging blockchain technology, BDAPT provides a formidable shield against creditors and legal claims, setting a new standard in asset protection.

  • Effortless Registration: With a streamlined process, setting up a Blockchain Trust® is completed swiftly, offering an immediate solution for asset protection.

Spearheaded by BICRA in partnership with Blockchain Digital City Bank and Capital Trust, BDAPT marks a significant milestone in asset protection technology, integrating blockchain’s reliability and transparency into traditional trust structures.

Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter: Elevating Business Functions

BDAPT not only serves as a robust asset protection mechanism but also offers the potential to enhance business structures through fiduciary activities, including acting as a trustee, administrator, and custodian, among others

How BDAPT Enhances Business Structures:

BDAPT’s flexibility in serving as a trustee, administrator, agent, custodian, investment manager, and more, underscores its utility in a comprehensive corporate structure. It offers a myriad of services including digital asset management, custodial and fiduciary services, and blockchain-based share issuance, redefining traditional trust and banking operations.

As a non-bank entity under the Federal Bank Holding Company Act, BDAPT and its affiliates enjoy a unique position, free from stringent federal regulations, enabling the acceptance of both fiat and crypto deposits and expanding financial service offerings.

Embrace the Future of Asset Protection with BDAPT:

BDAPT is more than just a trust; it’s a forward-thinking solution for the modern investor and entrepreneur, designed to navigate the complexities of today’s global financial landscape. By integrating the reliability of traditional asset protection with the innovation of blockchain technology, BDAPT sets a new standard in securing assets across borders.

For individuals and businesses ready to take control of their asset security with a pioneering, blockchain-powered solution, BDAPT by BICRA offers the ultimate protection strategy.

Services include digital asset management, custodian and fiduciary services, and the use of Blockchain technology to issue and track shares, deposit-taking, Visa and MasterCard issuance under your own brand, and much more!

Blockchain Bank & Trust Companies are not Banks under the Federal Bank Holding Company Act.

“Blockchain Domestic Asset Protection Trust, created by Stephan Schurmann”

Therefore, a trust company’s parent company does not classify as a bank holding company. The Federal Reserve does not regulate a DECENTRALIZED Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank or its affiliates. Their affiliates can do various activities without many restrictions.

Moreover, a Blockchain Bank & Trust company could potentially be a useful part of the overall corporate structure of such a business, if such a business model included fiduciary aspects or required the safekeeping of assets. Decentralized Blockchain Trust & Blockchain Banks can accept both FIAT and CRYPTO deposits. This allows them to expand their deposit-taking activities. It also enables them to access affordable funding through warranties.

These decentralized Blockchain Trust companies and Blockchain Banks have special powers and are not subject to all the rules that banks have to follow. This makes them appealing to asset and wealth managers and traditional fiduciaries. Today, we use the old trust charter in new ways and find it helpful for modern financial services with advanced blockchain technologies.

​For more information about BDAPT and its innovative approach to asset protection, visit

About Stephan Schurmann and BICRA:

Stephan Schurmann, a visionary in the blockchain industry, has been at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into financial services, investment banking, and corporate structuring. Under his leadership, BICRA is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for global entrepreneurs, emphasizing financial sovereignty through responsible decentralization. BICRA’s introduction of BDAPT further cements Schurmann’s and the organization’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced security, privacy, and global accessibility.

With over 34 years of rich experience spanning offshore banking, digital banking, investment banking, and fintech, Schurmann, a German serial entrepreneur, has dedicated his career to empowering global entrepreneurs. He leads the way in offering investment banks for sale, setting up bespoke boutique investment banks globally, and driving innovation in venture capital trusts and fintech solutions.

Schurmann’s expertise extends to tax-efficient corporate strategies, developed through his extensive experience in over 85 countries. This expertise positions BICRA as a front-runner in providing blockchain-based corporate services. The company stands out for its secure and transparent financial solutions. With more than 6.2 million blockchain corporations under management, BICRA is catering to the needs of entrepreneurs worldwide and distinguishing itself in the competitive landscape of investment banking and capital trusts.

At Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, Schurmann’s role has been instrumental in weaving blockchain into banking services, thereby redefining industry standards for security, transparency, and efficiency. His forward-thinking vision includes the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA’s), creating a banking environment that not only embraces technological advancements but also prioritizes customer security and trust.

Beyond blockchain, Stephan Schurmann is recognized as a thought leader in digital transformation, corporate governance, and sustainable business practices. His commitment to innovation and ethical business is a testament to his visionary leadership. As he navigates new technological and financial frontiers, his insights continue to influence and inspire.

A sought-after speaker and advisor, Schurmann is known for sharing his profound knowledge with international entrepreneurs and advisory boards, driven by his belief in technology’s potential to foster a more efficient, transparent, and equitable world. His writings offer invaluable insights into blockchain technology and its future impact across various industries.

Under Schurmann’s strategic guidance, Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust are setting industry benchmarks, solidifying his reputation as a pioneering force in the blockchain technology sector.


Stephan Schurmann – CEO

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Tel: +1-587-430-2692

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