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Blockchain Bank Stable Currency: Stephan Schurmann’s 1st Digital Currency Innovation

Stephan Schurmann launches Blockchain Bank Stable Currency (BBSC), a unique stablecoin backed by a massive asset portfolio, heralding a new era in digital currency.

Press Release Source:

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

In an unprecedented move that is set to revolutionize the digital currency domain, Stephan Schurmann, alongside the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA), proudly announces the launch of the Blockchain Bank Stable Coin (BBSC). This trailblazing stablecoin, backed by an extensive asset portfolio, promises to usher in a new era of stability and security in global transactions.

BBSC distinguishes itself with a robust backing of 29,150,112 corporate shares from a publicly traded US company, resulting in a total asset value of $87,450,336. This formidable foundation ensures BBSC’s resilience, setting it apart as a paragon of stability in the fluctuating digital currency market.

What truly sets BBSC in a league of its own is its unparalleled asset pool valued at over $57 billion, comprising audited portfolios of 6,277,979 Blockchain Corporations, Banks, and Trusts. This extensive pool certifies BBSC’s unmatched value stability, making it a pioneering entity in the digital currency arena.

The Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is a highly trusted and secure service provider worldwide. It manages a vast asset portfolio of over 6.2 million verified and audited Blockchain Corporations, Banks & Trusts.

Blockchain International offers unique value propositions which are hard to find anywhere else for start-up entrepreneurs, thriving businesses and enterprises. Blockchain International stands for individual empowerment via financial sovereignty, made possible through a foundation of responsible decentralization.

Trustless but trustworthy. Cutting-edge but reliable. User-centric but future-friendly.

Empowering Global Entrepreneurs with BBSC:

  • Launch Promotion: The first 250,000 Blockchain Bank & Trust members will receive BBSC coins equivalent to their subscription fees, reinforcing the bridge between traditional financial services and the digital economy.

  • Unrivaled Stability: BBSC introduces a 2:1 asset backing ratio, establishing a new industry benchmark for financial security and transparency.

  • Legal and Transparency Excellence: BBSC’s offshore asset protection strategy ensures safety from legal adversities, embodying trust and reliability in every transaction.

With a finite supply of 26.9 billion units and precision to 18 decimal places, BBSC is crafted to meet the nuanced needs of modern finance. Overseen by a consortium of experts in banking and investment, BBSC represents the culmination of decades of financial innovation and expertise.

Unique Features and Benefits of BBSC:

  • Global Trade and E-commerce: Members can establish tax-exempt blockchain corporations or trusts, facilitating seamless global trade.

  • Comprehensive Financial Services: From blockchain bank accounts to multi-currency prepaid cards, BBSC redefines financial accessibility.

  • Universal Access: BBSC members can register and incorporate blockchain entities from anywhere in the world, ensuring global reach and influence.

A New Paradigm in Digital Finance:

BBSC is not just a currency; it’s a movement towards redefining financial freedom and security, championed by the strategic alliance between Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and Blockchain Bank. This collaboration solidifies BBSC’s status as a frontrunner in digital currency innovation, offering a secure, transparent, and stable financial solution for the global community.

In today’s ever-changing economic and financial landscape, stability, transparency AND TRUST are more valuable than ever. That’s why BLOCKCHAIN DIGITALCITY BANK & CAPITAL TRUST® in partnership with the BLOCKCHAIN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE REGISTRY AUTHORITY® has developed a groundbreaking BLOCKCHAIN BANK STABLECOIN (BBSC) solution – a one-of-a-kind commodity-backed Stablecoin that offers the perfect balance of security, transparency and flexibility.

Unique Features of the Blockchain Bank Stable Coin (BBSC):

The unique features of the Blockchain Bank Stable Coin (BBSC) project include:

  • Commodity-backed stablecoin: BBSC is backed by a large asset portfolio of verified blockchain entities.

  • Tax-exempt blockchain corporation setup: Members can establish tax-exempt blockchain corporations or trusts for global trade and e-commerce.

  • Varied financial services: Includes blockchain bank accounts, merchant services, multi-currency prepaid cards, and BBSC stable coins.

  • Global accessibility: Provides cross-border services allowing members to register and incorporate their blockchain corporations from anywhere in the world​.

Benefits of Being a BBSC Member:

  • Establish your own Blockchain Corporation, Bank or Trust for global trade and e-commerce.

  • Obtain an equivalent value of Blockchain Bank Stable Coins (BBSC).

  • Simplify your transactions with a Blockchain Bank Merchant Account.

  • Access to Blockchain Bank Visa & MasterCard, supporting payments in USD, EURO, and various cryptocurrencies.

  • Complimentary Blockchain Bank Corporate Account.

  • Guaranteed approval with no credit checks.

  • Universal accessibility, regardless of nationality.

  • Private banking options for your personal and professional network.

  • A selection of prepaid cards available in multiple currencies.

  • Seamless integration with payment gateways.

  • Support for receiving payments in a wide range of major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

  • Official corporate documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, Deed of Incorporation, Trust Agreement and Apostille for validating your Blockchain Corporation or Trust.

  • Benefit from global tax-exempt status to maximize financial efficiency and profits.

  • Quick and easy online registration and incorporation, achievable in under 30 minutes from any location worldwide.

  • Obtain a Fully Functioning Company Eligible For Amazon, PayPal, Shopify, E-Commerce Business.

BBSC is more than a currency; it represents a shift in financial paradigms, born from the strategic partnership between Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and Blockchain Bank. This collaboration ensures BBSC’s position as a leader in digital currency innovation.

For more information about the Blockchain Bank Stable Coin and its groundbreaking approach to digital currency, visit

About Stephan Schurmann and Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority:

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of BICRA, is a luminary in the blockchain industry, with a storied career dedicated to integrating blockchain technology across financial services, investment banking, and corporate structuring. His pioneering work in launching blockchain banks, developing digital banking solutions, and providing premier investment banking services has positioned him as a leading figure in the fintech space.

BICRA, under Schurmann’s leadership, champions the cause of financial sovereignty and innovation, managing a portfolio of over 6.2 million blockchain corporations, banks, and trusts. With a focus on decentralization, security, and user-centric services, BICRA and Schurmann are paving the way for a new era of financial technology and empowerment.


Stephan Schurmann – CEO

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Tel: +1-587-430-2692

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