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Stephan Schurmann Launches BICRA: Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship with Blockchain

Explore BICRA by Stephan Schurmann, offering tax-free corporate registry and blockchain-based banking, empowering global entrepreneurs with innovative financial solutions.

Stephan Schurmann Revolutionizes Global Entrepreneurship with the Launch of BICRA

Introducing a New Era of Tax-Free Corporate Registry and Blockchain-Based Banking Solutions, created by Stephan Schurmann.

Explore BICRA by Stephan Schurmann, offering tax-free corporate registry and blockchain-based banking, empowering global entrepreneurs with innovative financial solutions.

In a groundbreaking development set to redefine the entrepreneurial landscape, Stephan Schurmann, the visionary founder of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA), is pioneering a transformative approach to global business operations. BICRA, under Schurmann’s leadership, introduces a revolutionary blockchain-based corporate registry system coupled with tax-free benefits and cutting-edge banking solutions, poised to challenge and evolve traditional corporate frameworks.

In an era dominated by high corporate taxes and restrictive financial policies, BICRA emerges as a beacon of innovation. It offers businesses unparalleled asset protection, online business registration, and financial services, all underpinned by the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

BICRA is designed for entrepreneurs seeking to establish a decentralized, tax-exempt Blockchain Trust or Corporation. Its unique approach offers significant benefits, including liability protection, wealth preservation, and the possibility of launching their own bank or fintech company.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with BICRA:

  • Asset Security: BICRA ensures the utmost protection of business assets against seizures or claims, with entrepreneurs retaining full beneficiary control.

  • Tax-Free Advantages: Entrepreneurs can revel in a tax-exempt environment, promoting financial growth and operational efficiency on a global scale.

  • Worldwide Reach: BICRA facilitates access to over 172 countries, providing essential incorporation documents and apostille for broad business operations.

  • Advanced Financial Solutions: Entrepreneurs gain access to multicurrency offshore blockchain bank accounts, Visa and Mastercard debit cards, and the innovative Blockchain Bank Stablecoin (BBSC).

  • Unwavering Support: A dedicated team, boasting over 33 years of experience, provides 24/7 assistance, ensuring seamless business operations.

Stephan Schurmann, the driving force behind BICRA, articulates the mission, “Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs with sovereignty and independence from traditional governmental and financial constraints. BICRA is committed to laying down a transparent, decentralized foundation for business, free from political influences.”

BICRA is more than just a corporate registry; it’s a movement dedicated to reshaping how entrepreneurs interact with the global economy. By aligning business operations with personal values, BICRA enables impactful innovation and simplifies the process of online business registration, stated Stephan Schurmann.

Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter: A Game-Changer for Businesses

The Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter, offered by BICRA, stands as a testament to the versatility and potential of blockchain technology in fiduciary activities. This charter allows businesses to perform a wide array of functions, including acting as a trustee, custodian, investment manager, and more, without the regulatory constraints faced by traditional banks.


Today, leveraging the old trust charter in innovative ways has proven essential for modern financial services, integrating advanced blockchain technologies. BICRA’s services, including digital asset management, custodian and fiduciary services, and blockchain-based share issuance, underscore the adaptability and potential of decentralized financial solutions.

Discover the Future with BICRA

For entrepreneurs eager to embark on a journey of financial innovation and secure asset protection, BICRA offers the tools and support to turn vision into reality. Stephan Schurmann and BICRA are at the forefront of a financial revolution, providing a pathway to success in the new digital age.

How can a Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter be useful for your Business?

The primary benefit of the Blockchain Bank & Trust Company is its ability to engage in fiduciary activities and perform related functions. The Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank can have various roles including but not limited to acting as a trustee, administrator, agent, custodian, investment manager, escrow agent, or fiscal or transfer agent. These roles involve taking care of, investing, managing, or handling someone else’s property or your own corporate assets.

Services include digital asset management, custodian and fiduciary services, and the use of Blockchain technology to issue and track shares, deposit-taking, Visa and MasterCard issuance under your own brand, and much more!

Blockchain Bank & Trust Companies are not Banks under the Federal Bank Holding Company Act.

Therefore, a trust company’s parent company does not classify as a bank holding company. The Federal Reserve does not regulate a DECENTRALIZED Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank or its affiliates. Their affiliates can do various activities without many restrictions.

Moreover, a Blockchain Bank & Trust company could potentially be a useful part of the overall corporate structure of such a business, if such a business model included fiduciary aspects or required the safekeeping of assets. Decentralized Blockchain Trust & Blockchain Banks can accept both FIAT and CRYPTO deposits. This allows them to expand their deposit-taking activities. It also enables them to access affordable funding through warranties.

Explore BICRA by Stephan Schurmann, offering tax-free corporate registry and blockchain-based banking, empowering global entrepreneurs with innovative financial solutions.

These decentralized Blockchain Trust companies and Blockchain Banks have special powers and are not subject to all the rules that banks have to follow. This makes them appealing to asset and wealth managers and traditional fiduciaries. Today, we use the old trust charter in new ways and find it helpful for modern financial services with advanced blockchain technologies.

For detailed information about BICRA and its comprehensive solutions, visit

About Stephan Schurmann:

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of BICRA, is a renowned figure in the blockchain industry, with extensive expertise in integrating blockchain technology across financial services, investment banking, and corporate structuring.

With over 34 years of experience, Schurmann’s vision has significantly influenced the development of digital banking solutions, investment banking services, and the creation of bespoke boutique investment banks worldwide. His dedication to innovation, ethical business practices, and the empowerment of global entrepreneurs sets a new standard in the blockchain and financial sectors.


Stephan Schurmann – CEO

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Tel: +1-587-430-2692

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